SINCE 1714

The area where this farm is located is blessed with a favourable climate for the production of quality grapes. Characterised by cold winters essential for effective vine dormancy and moderate summers aiding long, slow-ripening fruit. The total area under vines is 364 hectares, with production standing at about 6000 tons of grapes per year. Barrel maturation, as well as the science of making good Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc has become a focus area for Stettyn Cellars.

(We Still LOVE Their Reds The Most)

rich in history

The farm on which Stettyn Cellar is situated is steeped in history and tradition dating back to 1714. In that year, Governor Chavonnes of the Dutch East India Company ceded the original farm to Free Burghers Cloete and Radyn, whose ancestors originated from the Stettin area in the former Prussia. The Cape Dutch homestead which dates back to 1777, was the original house occupied by the first permanent settlers. It was restored and is now a National Monument.

Stettyn was acquired by the Botha family in 1818 and has been in the family for 8 generations. The Stettyn Cellar itself was established in 1963, with the vineyards of Stettyn, Jonkersrivier, and De Hoek being the primary sources of production and where the tradition of winemaking dates back many years.

Wine has been produced on their individual farms since the late 1800s up until the 1950s, whereafter resources were pooled to build a modern cellar with the first wine being produced in 1964. The centralisation of local winemaking together with improved facilities resulted in a significant improvement in wine quality.

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The farm is located in the well preserved agricultural area between villersdorp and worcester. Home to massive plantations of grapes, olives, apples, pears & peaches, ammounting to a mind-boggling 364 hector farm, dedicated to producing south africas finest, and most well priced wine.


Specialising In Red Culticars, Stettyn Mostly Grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage & Pinot Noir. You will also find Chardonnay, Viognier, sauvignon blanc, and South Africa's Most Widely Grown Grape Varietal: Chenin Balnc.


Theres a high chance you have already drank their wine...

With an annual production of 6000 tons of wine, they might have more wine that they know what to do with. Ever since they began producing wine, they have been supplying other local farms with their wine to be rebottled & labled accordingly.

Trusted By The Biggest Brands For Decades, They Have Now Started Producing Wine Specifically For Their Own Labels. Grown, Processed & Bottled Seperately, For a Real Taste Of Stettyn.


Being One of South Africa's Largest Wine Producers, With a Annual Harvest Of Over 6000 tons, they undoubtfully Have an Experienced Team, Who HAs Been Producing Wine Since 1964

Not Only Do They Take Their Harvests Seriously, Quality Control is an Integral Part Of the Farms Culture.

You Wouldnt Believe It, But They Still Have Vinyards Hand Picked!

And Now, Since 2020, they have reserved the top 3% of their entire harvest for their own wine. Anything you drink with a stettyn label is confirmed to be ultra-premium wine.